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3M Perfect-It Boat Wash

3M Perfect-It Boat Wash


3M™ Perfect-It™ Boat Wash is an important first step in achieving a truly professional gelcoat finish. This high-suds formula works without stripping wax, removing grime, algae, dirt and other common marine contaminants to create a clean, clear surface for refinishing. In fact, it works on every boat surface from bow to stern.

For a truly professional gelcoat finish, our 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Boat Wash works by itself or as the first step in 3M™ Perfect‐It™ gelcoat finishing system. This boat wash features a high-sudsing formula that removes even stubborn marine contaminants such as grime, algae and dirt from gelcoat and other surfaces, yet it’s gentle enough not to strip wax away. In fact, this boat soap can clean virtually any boat surface from bow to stern. It’s cost-effective too: this professional-strength concentrate only requires one ounce per gallon. From buffing professionals to vehicle owners, the 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Gelcoat Finishing products works great on boats, RVs and industrial gelcoat surfaces – new and used alike. These products include a step-by-step process to help you achieve dependable finishes every time, regardless of one-, two- or three-step processes. And the color-coded bottles allow for easy reference in the shop or on the dock. The full series of 3M products created specifically for gelcoat includes 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Heavy Cutting Compound, 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Medium Cutting Compound + Wax, 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Light Cutting Polish + Wax and 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Boat Wax. This range of products is ideal for achieving professional-grade gelcoat finishes for boats, RVs and industrial applications.

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