Epifanes Rapidclear 750ml

Epifanes Rapidclear 750ml


Epifanes Rapidclear Matt Varnish 750ml is a part of the well established Epifanes range. Providing easy and quick coverage and protection without any need for sanding between coats. A single pack varnish for ease of use, it gives a matte and clear finish made from a modified alkyd and urethane resin. Perfect for updating any weather worn areas or for going back to the wood as a full varnish system to protect and provide full UV coverage to give durabity quickly and easily. 

Rapidclear is also perfect to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, and adheres incredibly well to oily woods such as teak, preventing any loss of colour and making the grain stand out. Due to the make up of the varnish, it gives a great level of water protection and remains flexible as the wood naturally flexes. 

Requiring only four to five coats to be applied in most situations, Rapidclear can be applied every 5 to 6 hours ensuring a swift process. Maintaining your finish is just as easy, just clean the surface and reapply as needed. 


  • Container size of 750ml
  • Can be applied using either brush, roller or spray
  • Dry time at 65 degrees F, dry in 4 hours, recoatable in 5 to 6 hours