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Matt Chem Gelcoat Paint 150ml Cream

Matt Chem Gelcoat Paint 150ml Cream


Paint that is specially formulated for use on fibreglass (epoxy resin, gelcoat and polyester resin). Quick and easy application saves you time and effort. Fast drying. Good coverage. Not flaked off with time and respects the support’s quality namely its texture and its aspect. Resists to ultraviolet rays.
It is used as follows : First of all, clean the support to be treated in order to remove stains, dust. Remove non-adherent parts of paint. Let dry and mask the parts to be protected. Shake the aerosol. Pass a first layer of paint while spraying to 20/25 centimetres of the support by sweeping surface regularly. Do it again 2 times : Work in cross layers i.e. the first spray in the horizontal direction. Wait for few minutes that this layer is dry and carry out the second layer in the vertical direction. Treated surface is dry into 20 minutes at a temperature of 20°C. To make this task successful, keep the distance between the support and the tube of the aerosol that is about 20/25 centimetres. Especially, do not forget to clean the tube of the aerosol head in bottom at the end of work.

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