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Owatrol Paints & Coatings Remover 1L

Owatrol Paints & Coatings Remover 1L


Dilunett is a solvent and paraffin free paint stripper that will remove any oil and alkyd based paint, varnish or woodstain. Dilunett’s powerful formula strips up to 8 coats of finish in just one application. Suitable for almost any surface such as wood, metal and plastic, Dilunett’s gel consistency means it will not run, making it ideal for us on vertical surfaces, elaborate plaster or wood designs that are in need of being stripped.

Easy to apply, Dilunett dissolves paint in even the smallest of recesses and the finest of details, softening all the layers for a simple and clean removal.
Biodegradable and non-flammable, Dilunett is even safe to use in poorly ventilated or confined areas.


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