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Owatrol Premium Hardwood Oil 1L

Owatrol Premium Hardwood Oil 1L


Teak-Olje is a blend of Owatrol Oil and high-quality teak oil for Teak and other exotic hardwoods. Protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the wood, Teak Olje is a deep penetrating, clear oil that gives a rich warm appearance to any treated wood surface. Suitable for both inside and outside use, Teak-Olje replaces the natural oils lost by exterior wood in the weathering process and will not blacken when exposed to UV rays making it ideal for garden furniture.

As a saturating oil, Teak-Olje protects and nourishes the wood from within its pores rather than forming a film on the surface which means that it will not peel or flake. It is easy to maintain with no sanding or stripping required and gives a rich, matt finish.

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