Propspeed 1000ml Foul Release System Kit

Propspeed 1000ml Foul Release System Kit


Keep propellers and running gear free of marine fouling with Propspeed.

Fouling of running gear is a constant headache for boat owners requiring expensive and time-consuming grinding and sanding to remove marine growth at every haul-out. Propspeed provides an incredibly effective, long-lasting, easy-clean solution to this problem. Propspeed is a foul release coating that is designed to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line. Any marine growth that does form on the Propspeed coated surface can be easily wiped away with a soft, wet cloth. Propspeed works because it is slick, and it's not toxic.

Propspeed 1000ml. Kit Contents

  • 2 Etching Primer Base, 240ml.
  • 2 Etching Primer Hardener, 60ml.
  • 1 Clear Coat, 400ml.
  • 2 Mixing sticks

The Propspeed system is best used on propellers, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs, keel coolers, bow and stern thrusters, and other underwater metal or running gear.

The Propspeed System

The Etching Primer Base, Etching Primer Hardener and Clear Coat offered in the Propspeed 1000ml. Kit are part of the Propspeed system, which includes Propclean and Propprep. Propclean and Propprep are a critical part of the metal surface preparation process for applying Propspeed. Both can be purchased separately. Before reapplication of Propspeed, all of the old Propspeed components must be removed. For this purpose, Propstrip is highly recommended.