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Sikaflex 291i Black 300ml

Sikaflex 291i Black 300ml


Sikaflex 291i, cartridge 300 ml, color Black.

One-component polyurethane thixotropic sealant developed specifically
for the nautical sector, which hardens with exposure to atmospheric humidity.
Furthermore, it meets the standards of low flame propagation established by the
International Maritime Organization (IMO).

- Wheelmark approved
- Monocomponent formulation
- High elasticity
- Low odor emission
- Non-corrosive
- Can be painted
- Adheres well to a wide variety of substrates used in the naval sector
- Solvent-free
- Very low VOCs
- Low isocyanate content

Sikaflex®-291i is a multi-purpose product used in shipbuilding.
It is suitable for making elastic and vibration resistant seals, and it can be
also used for a varied range of internal seals. Adheres very well to
materials commonly used in nautical constructions, such as wood, metals, primers
for metals and painting systems (two-component systems), ceramic materials and
plastic (fiberglass, etc.).
Sikaflex®-291i must not be used for sealing on plastic materials subject to
stress cracking phenomena (eg PMMA, PC, etc.).
This product is only suitable for experienced professional users.
To guarantee adhesion and compatibility of the materials, it is necessary to perform
tests with the substrates in real conditions.

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