TRAC Descaler Concentrate 1 Gallon (3,785L)

TRAC Descaler Concentrate 1 Gallon (3,785L)


Concentrated formula to remove residues caused by freshwater, TRAC Descaler®™ is a safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable freshwater scale remover.

Designed specifically for fresh and brackish water applications, TRAC Descaler®™ can safely be used within engines, cooling towers, boilers, or just about any other systems re-circulating water. TRAC Descaler®™ will not harm gaskets, seals, plastics or any metals commonly found in water systems.

Unlike our competitors, Trac does not use any harsh acids, instead, we use a mild Phosphoric Acid blend. TRAC has developed a truly innovative formula by actually changing the acid’s properties, thus turning it into the safest and most effective descaler on the market! This mild solution penetrates hard-to-reach areas and removes years of scale build-up, restoring your system to its original condition without damaging piping, seals, and gaskets.

Although mechanical methods of cleaning are available, they often require extended periods of downtime and it is nearly impossible to reach all areas of the system. Chemical cleaning is the only proven method to clean the entire system, thus returning the equipment to its original efficiency.